Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Claudine Barreto and husband Raymart Santiago: ‘Money’ trouble!

There seems to be a big trouble in the paradise of Claudine Barretto and her husband Raymart Santiago! The reason is a whooping P5 million!

Claudine was seen inside a bank in Quezon City crying buckets of tears upon learning that their joint account of time deposit was already withdrawn which amount to P5 M.

As the account of a reliable source, the last time that Claudine checked on their joint account it was still there
and she wanted to withdraw the money and she immediately went to the bank and arrived there after 40 minutes. She was accompanied by a lawyer in the bank. As she was about to withdraw, she was told that the money was already withdrawn in another bank branch.

That was when she creid a bucket upon learning that she was too late.

The source allegedly said that there was a third party involved in this mess.

Who could it be?


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