Monday, October 17, 2011

Albert Martinez ‘ Again gumuho naman yung mundo ko! ‘

Albert Martinez has revealed that his wife Liezl Martinez experienced a “setback” in her battle with the Big C. They first discovered of Liezl’s breast cancer way back in 2008 when it was diagnosed and after 8 months they were happy to announced she is already cancer-free and on the way to full recovery from the disease.

This is what Albert said of the new diagnosis:

Akala namin okay na pero nag-recur yung Big C and again gumuho nanaman ‘yung mundo ko. Kasi the past two years akala ko okay na, we’re having plans again. Then all of a sudden nangyari uli ‘yun, Parang nagstop lahat.”

It’s harder this second time around to put the pieces together. Kasi parang ito na ba ‘yun? Parang is there any hope? So I was hoping against hope and praying 10 times harder than the first time. And hoping that whatever we’re doing right now will lead to a full recovery. Not only the situation but also emotionally.”

Albert left a touching message to his wife:

We’re gonna fight it together. Its gonna be a group thing. You’re not alone. I’ll always be here and I’ll make sure that whatever is available out there in the market that can help you, we will do that because you’re more important than anything in the world. I love you.”


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