Monday, October 3, 2011

James Marsden and Lisa Linde: It's Over!

James Marsden has been presented with divorce papers by his wife Lisa Linde. Yes it's official! The couple lasted for 11 years. Not so bad. But life goes on.

James Marsden, 38 years old, played as Cyclops in X-Men and he is also a lead star in Straw Dogs movie. While Lisa Linde, 39 years old, is best known for her long running role on NBC " Days of Our Lives. According to the report, Linde filed for the divorce and requested spousal support and joint legal custody of the couple's son and daughter.

According to the couple's mutual rep:
" This was a mutual decision. They are committed to raising their kids together and remain great friends. "

After that day, Marsden was seen in front of a hot dog cart in New York with a group of friends. One of the Onlookers says he looked happy.


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